3 Important Video Effects Strategies

Whether you are putting together a web series, indie film, documentary or YouTube video, you'll need to be up to date on video effects processes and software platforms. Gaining a handle on this facet of videography and filmmaking will allow you to really get awesome results. To this end, read below and follow these strategies, so that you are best able to turn your project into a winner that will be enjoyed by the public as a whole. 

#1: Plan out your details before getting fancy

Go to any film school and you will find avid students up to the wee hours of the morning playing around with the fanciest special-effects and graphics. While this has its place, keep in mind that at its core, video is a storytelling medium. The coolest graphics in the world don't make a difference if you do not know what story you are telling. Take the time to storyboard your project properly, so that once you begin to add layers and effects, it'll all make sense. In addition to working with some of the best production personnel, you can invest in storyboarding software platforms that will help you plan out your video to the best of your ability.

#2: Become a master of the green screen

No matter what sort of video project you are producing, a green screen is a must-have. Buy the highest quality green screen that you can find and be sure that you know how to get the most out of it in post production. For example, don't make the mistake of using different colored markers when tracking your green screen video in post production. Take the time to set the scene properly and put your green screen in place so that there are no mistakes that will be glaring when it is time to edit.

#3: Be careful with your time codes

Time codes are a critical piece of the puzzle any time you are editing video. Because of this, your video needs to have the time codes specifically in place, so that there are no mistakes. Post production is not a time to estimate or make guesses, so keep your timestamps handy and you won't go wrong. This is something that can be accomplished with any video editing platform that you are deciding to use for your video project.

Consider these tips and you will make the best use of your video effects. Work with a company, like Render Storm, for more help.