3 Reasons Why Your Law Firm Should Start Taking Video Of Depositions

Depositions are an opportunity for your legal team to collect as much information as possible before heading to trial. Typically, these interviews are written down by a stenographer but today, more and more law firms are choosing to make use of video deposition services to preserve the testimony for trial. Here are three reasons why your law firm might want to reach out to a video deposition company today.

A Video Deposition Can Be Presented in Court If the Witness Can't Make It

Police officers, medical doctors, and others with busy jobs might only have a limited amount of time to help you with your case. Sure, you could ask the court to require certain witnesses to show up, but if you are trying to get these people to help you with their testimony, you might want to take a more friendly approach. If someone can't make it to court because of their schedule or for any other reason, you can then approach the court and tell them you'd like to play a video of someone's deposition and have it added to the evidence.

Video Depositions Are Very Effective When Someone is Caught Changing Their Story

If you make it to trial and someone suddenly tries to change their story under oath, you can then go to the videotape and play it for the judge or jury. Letting the jurists actually see and hear the different story as opposed to just being told it was changed can be incredibly effective. A video deposition can help you nail someone in a lie under oath and might just put your case over the top.

Video Can Trigger Emotion

If the case you are dealing with is emotional and includes someone that is sick or has passed away, you could create an emotional video package in which this person is showing speaking about the issue at hand during a video deposition before they passed away. Mix this footage in with clips of family videos showing the person in happier times, and you will have an emotional weapon that can help sway the jury during your final argument.

If your law firm is still not taking video of its depositions, it's time to make some changes. A video deposition could help you catch someone in a lie or present important evidence if the person in the deposition won't be around for the trial. Reach out to a company that offers video deposition services today to create a tape that could prove quite impactful inside the courtroom.

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