Six Common Types Of PCB That You Should Be Aware Of

Printed circuit boards (PCBs) are integral components of just about every type of computer or electronic equipment these days. There are many different types of PCB being manufactured today. If you need PCBs manufactured for your devices or facility, you should be aware of all these different kinds and what their capabilities are. The following are six of the most basic types of PCB out there: Rigid single sided The most basic type of PCB is rigid single sided. Read More 

Exploring The World Of RPG App Design

Once a bastion of video game geeks and avoided by the mainstream, Role-Playing Games (RPGs) have become a mainstay of gaming and a part of almost every genre. The development of a character that represents the player and a story that builds-- both in the world and in the character's exploits-- is successful when it compels a player to come back for more. If you want to develop an addictive, fun, and immersive app that gives you a loyal player base, here are a few features to toss around with mobile phone app developers: Read More 

2 Things to Consider Before Transforming Your Unfinished Basement Into a Home Theater

If you are in the planning stages of finishing your basement with the ultimate goal of a home theater room, there are two very important things to consider: lighting and acoustics. In fact, the lighting and acoustics in a room are the most crucial components of a home theater. Fortunately, since you are in the planning stages of laying out your finished basement, you'll be able to ensure that the lighting and acoustics are optimal for your viewing and listening pleasure. Read More 

Getting The Right Internet Performance For A Home Office

More people are working from home, and a home office is quickly being the gateway to the workplace. Even if it's wireless internet and a laptop wherever you feel like working or a miniature command center with more expensive equipment than some small businesses, you need an Internet Service Provider (ISP) that can stand up to your technical needs. To understand what those needs are and how to make sure you're getting what you're paying for, here are a few speed and consistency details that apply to any ISP. Read More 

2 Things That Can Be Learned From Your IP Address

You might have heard of an IP address, such as if you were informed that your IP address was being noted while posting a comment on a busy website or blog or while posting on a forum, but you might not have put a lot of thought into such matters. However, you should know that someone who knows a little something about IP addresses can actually figure a lot of things out about you from your IP address, particularly if he or she is willing to spend a little bit of time and do a little bit of research. Read More